Technical Information

Arch Aluminum provides glass products from every float glass producer in the United States — in combination with our national distribution network; this puts an un-rivaled selection of product and service at your fingertip. Joined with our own architectural aluminum products, in house capability of laminating, heat-treating and fabrication technology, the design professional can depend on the only true single source supplier in the industry. Each Arch location can provide the design community with a palette of color that not only looks good but also can provide comfort and where necessary, passive physical protection in the built environment as well. Comfort levels in heating, cooling, and day lighting for today’s fast-paced projects can be selectively engineered off the shelf from the myriad of combinations available.

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Insulated Glass

Insulated Glass Warranty
ASTM E 2190
Insulated Glass Dimensional Tolerances
Insulated Glass Comments
Quality Procedure Outline
Glass Surface Staining

  Glass Sample Label
Laminated Guidlines
Sealant Compatibility
Fabricated Glass Certification Letter
Clear Glass Color

Heat-Treated Glass

Tempered Glass Compliance Certificate
Tempered Glass Warranty
Cleaning Instructions TD-02-0402
Heat-Treated Glass Comments
Glass Surface Staining
Clear Glass Color
Summary of CPSC Certification Rules.
  Quench Marks in Heat Treated Glass
Glass Sample Label
Fabrication and Heat-treated Guidelines
Fabricated Glass Certification Letter
Strain Pattern
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Spandrel Glass

Spandrel Glass Warranty
Opacicoat 300 Comments
Ceramic Frit Comments
Fabricated Glass Certification Letter
Glass Surface Staining
  Glass Sample Label
Cleaning Instructions TD-02-0402
Spandrel Cautions
Clear Glass Color

Laminated Glass

Laminated Glass Warranty
Ultraviolet Screening
Fabricated Glass Certification Letter
Glass Surface Staining
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  SAFLEX® Poly(vinyl) Butyral Interlayer
STC Ratings Chart
Cleaning Instructions TD-02-0402
Clear Glass Color


Powder coat color selection chart
Powder coat information
  Limited warranty & remedy
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Aluminum Finishes Limited warranty & remedy

Specialty Products

Bullet Resistant Glazing Table
Hurricane Site Technical Page
Supreme Shower Glass Doors Cleaning Instructions
  Heavy Tempered Door Installation Guidelines - Coming Soon
Glass Shelves Loads
Wire Glass Update

Installation Instructions

Proper Procedures for Cleaning Architectural Glass Products
Installation Instructions
  Construction Site Protection of Architectural Glass

Sealants & MSDS Sheets

PRC© 449FM Technical Data
PRC© 449FM Accelerator 5553
PRC© 449FM Base 5552
PRC© 469FM Technical Data
PRC© 469FM Base 5526
  PRC© 469FM FM5667 Material Safety Datasheet
PRC© 469FM FM5526 Material Safety Datasheet
PRC© 4400FM Technical data
PRC© 4400FM MSDS Part A
PRC© 4400FM MSDS Part B

Physical Weights

Glass Weights